Thank you for trying HEY mail service! My response to the nice auto-mail

I’ve been trying the mail service, really excited to see how the experience would be.

14 days trial – nice and all. And a great information flow. My trial has passed and I receive a lovely e-mail telling me so, and how we can go on

It made me think about my experience and I took the time to write back, giving feedback on the experience:

Hey 🙂

Thanks for letting me try Hey!

I “kind of liked it”, but in the trial I never got to get a real flow of mails going, so I didn’t get the “wow effect”.

Which I think might not have been the idea of this product after all.

It’s not about “wow”, it’s about “ahh” (the sound of relaxation).

In my trial I found out how nice it was to login to a inbox, not filled with stuff I didn’t wan’t to take care of ( = my Imbox being empty).

So, I found myself wanting to remove myself from al kind of crappy newsletter I receive. Not quiet a “screening” effect, but I have to take responsibility of what I once signed up to 😀

I also found, that I really like my calendar, which is a service along with my current Gmail (custom domain) service. By going all in on I will finding myself with multiple services for simple task.

Good friends pointed me to both Fastmail and to find a privacy-focused service that can fit my simple mail and calendar needs.

So, bottom line being. I’ve found myself willing to pay for my mail service. I still (at this time in life) need a calendar service, but I’m focussed on my privacy more than before.

We might meet again 🙂

Thanks for letting me try your service and all the best 🙂